Quality + Accuracy: The Perfect Mix.

Our quality control program uses sophisticated equipment to maintain our remarkably high standards and extraordinary accuracy.

  • Retsch Grindomix GM 200 ensures that samples are homogeneous before analysis
  • Retsch PT 100 Tabletop Riffle and Retsch PK1000 Floor Riffler subdivide larger samples into representative yet smaller sizes required for accurate analysis
  • LECO FP528 enables rapid and accurate nitrogen and protein analysis in organic samples
  • Varian 720 ES Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrophotometer analyzes nutrients in fertilizer products
  • Metrohm 841 Titrando measures moisture in fertilizer samples
  • Varian 3900 Gas Chromatograph measures specific pesticides and herbicides added during fertilizer blending to meet EPA requirements
  • Varian Prostar High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph measures specific pesticides and herbicides to meet EPA requirements

This is just a sample of the many advanced instruments and techniques we use to maintain our reputation for extraordinarily high quality.