From Mixing to Shipping,
We Deliver the Whole Package.

We're a one-stop shop for branded and private-label weed killer, pesticide and fertilizer products. From consultation to lawn care product manufacturing to shipping, we execute everything in-house, helping to keep quality high and costs low. We specialize in:

  • Custom fertilizer blends, water-soluble, actives, straight/granular/dry
  • Custom ant/pest killer blends
  • Custom weed killer blends

Buddy's Plant Plus is one of the largest producers of soluble commercial fertilizer in America. We produce and ship 55,500 tons per year in our over half a million square-foot plant. Since we're located in the central U.S., we save you money on distribution and logistics. And we're fully registered with the EPA.

  • Custom blending
  • Bulk blending/mixing
  • On-site package manufacturing
  • Advanced quality control procedures
  • Capable of running hundreds of products/SKUs
  • Superior logistics, storage and shipping capabilities